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bullet6 Steel Underground Shelters and Safe Rooms

Guardian Storm Shelters offers complete solid steel underground storm shelters and above ground safe rooms. Our underground storm shelters and safe rooms are ideal for residential, business and municipal applications. Our steel storm shelters are designed in accordance to FEMA 320 guidelines and National Storm Shelter Association specifications and guidelines.


bullet6 Competitive Prices Without Sacraficing Quality

We offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality. Our underground storm shelters are constructed of 3/16" thick domestic steel, are seal-welded to be leak proof and feature a rust inhibitor red oxide coating. Our safe rooms are constructed of 1/4" domestic steel ensuring strength, durability and safety. For safety, each unit is equipped with proper ventilation. All underground shelters are equipped with a hydraulic jack, ensuring that fallen debris will not trap you inside. All safe rooms are equipped with doors that swing inward. More information on both product lines can be found throughout our site.

storm shelter steel manufacturing

Our manufacturer has 23 years experience in structural design and steel fabrication. While custom designed units are available, the standard sizes in which we offer ensure both quick completion and the most economical steel pricing. Many customizations can be made to our standard storm shelters, including preparation for phone and electrical lines. A design consultation and quote is just a phone call away. Our goal is to ensure you purchase the tornado shelter that meets your needs.



bullet5 Affordable Nationwide Freight

Central to Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and West Virginia, Guardian Storm Shelters is located in Pound, Virginia. We offer delivery and are capable of shipping our products nationwide at an affordable price.

storm shelter transportation

Our freight partner offers dependable and flexible services and is one of the best trucking companies in the nation.


bullet5 We Do Installations

We offer an optional complete on-site installation service.

underground shelter installtion

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Steel Storm Shelters are the Superior Choice

Nothing can compete with the strength and durability of steel storm shelters. In a tornado or other natural disaster, you want the best protection. Due to its corrosion resistance and strength, steel has always been widely used in commercial construction and is now becoming popular in residential constructions for the same reasons. Steel storm shelters have the advantages of being fire resistant and leak proof. They will not mold, mildew, crack, rot or split. Complete steel storm shelters are fully grounded, so you are safe from lightening strikes and fallen power lines.


Steel storm shelters do not harbor mildew and mold in warm temperatures, nor do they crack in cold temperatures. Variations in the temperature of concrete cause it to expand and contract and over time, weaken. Steel storm shelters are not susceptible to this. Concrete shelters require more maintenance, which can become expensive.


Maintenance for fiberglass storm shelters can also be costly, as opposed to steel storm shelters, due to the breakdown caused by mildew, mold and moisture.


bullet1 Preparedness Ensures Safety

The best time to consider purchasing a shelter is before storm-season arrives. This ensures that the steel fabrication and installation process is all complete at the time in which you have a need for a shelter. Preparedness not only consists of having what you need when you need it, but also having a product that is built tough and can withstand a disaster. Our storm shelters are designed for strength and durability, with thicker steel than many of the other steel storm shelters on the market. The most ideal time to install an underground shelter is during the construction process of a new home. We can consult with your home builder to plan for access from within a closet or any inside location you prefer. We can also equip your underground shelter with a second set of steps for access from the exterior of the home.


bullet1 Other Advantages of Owning a Storm Shelter

A storm shelter can possibly increase the value of your home, especially if your live in disaster prone areas. Storm shelters can be multi-functional. Like a traditional cellar, it can be used for other purposes, such as storage during off-peak times.


bullet1 Tornado Facts

The majority of tornadoes worldwide occur in the Eastern United States. Contrary to popular belief, tornadoes do not only follow water, they go where they want to really. They can form in mountainous areas and even go over the top of mountains. Tornadoes can happen at any time day or night in any season. All it takes is the right amount of unstable atmospheric conditions for a tornado to occur. They have wind speeds as low as 70 MPH up to 300+ MPH.


bullet1 Beware of Scams

As recovery work begins after a major storm event, scammers also begin work. Dozens of storm shelter companies have opened for business in the past few years and some are just predatory fly-by-night companies looking to make a quick dollar. Companies who offer unreasonable lead times or considerably low pricing often deliver a very low quality product, or don't deliver at all. If it sounds too good to be true, mostly likely it is. It is one thing to buy a knock off t-shirt, but shopping for a storm shelter is an important decision. The quality and durability of the product could make a difference in saving your life.


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