SAFETY in Strength

bullet7 Are your storm shelter products endorsed by FEMA? FEMA does not endorse any storm shelter of any kind for any company. All of our storm shelters are designed in accordance to FEMA 320 guidelines and National Storm Shelter Association specifications and guidelines.


bullet6 What size storm shelter do I need? FEMA recommends 6 sq ft of area per person in tornado shelters and 10 sq ft of area per person for a hurricane shelters.


bullet75 Can I specify the size of shelter I want? While custom designed units are available, the standard sizes in which we offer ensure both quick completion and the most economical price.


bullet8 Where can a storm shelter or safe room be used? Our storm shelters and safe rooms are ideal for residential, business and municipal applications.


bullet97 How will I be protected from fallen debris? All underground shelters are equipped with a hydraulic jack, ensuring that fallen debris will not trap you inside. All safe rooms are equipped with doors that swing inward.


bullet07 What about lightening and complete steel underground shelters? Complete steel underground storm shelters are fully grounded, so you are safe from lightening strikes and fallen power lines. Read more about the Faraday Cage Effect


bullet27 Will I have cell phone service inside the shelter? Cell phone reception will vary depending on you cell phone carrier and their equipment.


bullet17 Will an underground shelter rust due to moisture in the ground? All of our steel underground storm shelters are seal-welded and leakproof. The exterior features a rust-inhibitor red oxide coating. The interior is also primered and painted. We offer our customers an added option of having sacraficial anodes installed to the product. Anodes can add years of life to steel underground storm shelters. The anode will become part of the circuit and waste away instead of the steel you want protected. Anodes are used in hot water heaters, marine engines and underground fuel tanks.


bullet12 When is the best time to order a storm shelter? The best time of year to consider purchasing a shelter is before storm-season arrives. Doing so ensures that the manufacturing and installation process is complete at the time in which you have a need for a shelter. If possible, it is best to install an underground shelter during the construction process of a new home. We can consult with your home-builder to plan for access from within a closet or any inside location you prefer.


bullet21 How much do you charge for delivery and installation? These charges depend on location, unit size and on-site specifics. Please contact us for a quote.


bullet22 Once I place my order, when is my payment due? For all steel underground storm shelters, a 50% up-front payment is required. The remaining 50% must be paid in full prior to delivery. If an order is cancelled, the deposit will not be refunded until after that shelter is sold. For your convenience, we can accept credit and debit cards.


bullet23 Do I need a building permit to install a shelter? Building permit requirements will vary depending on local regulations. Contact your local city or county Building Inspection department.


bullet24 Can a safe room be moved at a later time? The anchor bolts used to secure our safe rooms can be removed with some work and would need to be re-anchored properly after the move is complete.

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