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Steel Underground Storm Shelters

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Underground Steel Storm Shelters
underground steel storm shelter manufacturing

Guardian Storm Shelters offers steel underground storm shelters in sizes ranging from 48'sq to 576'sq. Our steel underground storm shelters are ideal for residential, business and municipal applications. Many people prefer underground shelters over above-ground simply because the safest place to be during a tornado is underground. Also, they do not consume valuable property space.




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bullet72 Product Specifications

All our products are designed in accordance to FEMA 320 guidelines and National Storm Shelter Association specifications and guidelines.


All our steel underground storm shelters are constructed of heavy 3/16" thick domestic steel, which is 36% heavier than 10-gauge steel, which many other shelters on the market are constructed of. They also feature a structural skeleton for added strength and protection.


Choosing a high-quality durable, shelter that stands the test of time is very important. When a disaster occurs, your life will depend on it.


For safety, our steel underground storm shelters are equipped with an 8-ton hydraulic jack, ensuring that fallen debris will not trap you inside. This provides more safety than an added swing-in door, which will eventually promote water leakage. Proper ventilation with insect screens is installed.


Our standard units feature access stairs are constructed of non-skid treadplate and a hand rail is included.


The entry door is equipped with lift cylinders for ease of use, along with heavy-duty hinges and latches. Hooks are installed to the ceilings for hanging lighting. Anchoring lugs are included. Units that are installed near streams and waterways, also in areas with soft soil are designed to prevent flotation.


Complete steel underground storm shelters are fully grounded, so you are safe from lightening strikes and fallen power lines. Read more about the Faraday Cage Effect


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steel underground shelter anchoring lugs



bullet73 Corrosion Protection

All of our steel underground storm shelters are leakproof. Seal-welded, inside and out. The exterior features a rust-inhibitor red oxide coating. The interior is also primered and painted.


We offer our customers an added option of having sacraficial anodes installed to the product. Anodes can add years of life to steel underground storm shelters. Corrosion is the result of electrolytic action traveling through fluid or moisture to the metal surface at risk. Anodes are coated in a particular grade of magnesium or zinc, which is "electro-negative relative to steel". The anode will become part of the circuit and waste away instead of the steel you want protected. Anodes are used in hot water heaters, marine engines and underground fuel tanks.


bullet74 Additional Options for Underground Shelters

For a reasonable added cost, some of the additional options we offer for our steel underground storm shelters include:

  • Outdoor carpeting installed inside
  • Telephone and electrical Inlets
  • Battery operated lighting
  • Additional staircase installed on opposite end of shelter, which enables access from both interior and exterior of the home.


bullet75 More than Just a Storm Shelter

Underground steel storm shelters can be multi-functional. Some other uses include:

  • Spare bedroom
  • Hiding place in case of a home attack
  • Storage during off peak times
  • Fireproof and secure storage for valuables
  • Root-cellar




bullet78 Best Time To Order

If possible, it is best to install an underground shelter during the construction process of a new home. We can consult with your home-builder to plan for access from within a closet or any inside location you prefer.


The best time of year to consider purchasing a shelter is before storm-season arrives. Doing so ensures that the manufacturing and installation process is complete at the time in which you have a need for a shelter.



bullet718 Economy Underground Storm Shelters

If you are on a budget but do not want to sacrifice the quality of the product, you may want to consider one of our economy units. The economy units are built with the same strength and features as the standard steel underground shelters, but has an access ladder instead of a stair well. This unit can be transported more cost feasibly, as it takes up less space on a trailer. Size: 6'W x 6'H x 8'L



Pricing- Steel Underground Storm Shelters Updated 06/01/2014


bullet712 Choosing the Size

FEMA recommends 6 sq ft of area per person in tornado shelters and 10 sq ft of area per person for a hurricane shelters.


Additional charges apply for delivery and installation. These charges depend on location, unit size and on-site specifics.

6'H x 6'W
Economy *
6'H x 8'W
7'H x 8'W
7'H x 10'W
7'H x 12'W


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For all steel underground storm shelters, a 50% up-front payment is required. The remaining 50% must be paid in full prior to delivery. If an order is cancelled, the deposit will not be refunded until after that shelter is sold.

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